In uncomfortable, uncertain times, an effective antidote is action.

Intentional action brings us a feeling of control.

Effective activity brings with it momentum.

When the pandemic makes it feel like life is on pause, action is the play button.

Further, taking smart action will create some success.

This success will bring energy.





And when you feel these things, you will be moved to take even more action.

It’s a righteous blessed circle.

As opposed to avoiding action, which brings sadness, meekness, and fear. This leads to further action avoidance, a vicious, nasty circle.

An important point: planning action does not generate success or confidence or motivation or positivity or joy.

But taking action does.

So plan quickly (10 minutes, max), and then execute.

What is this action that will generate success for us salespeople in these difficult times?

(If you follow my work, you know the answer already.)

Calling customers and prospects is the action.

Checking in on them. Asking how they are. Offering your help and tremendous value. Asking what products and services they need from you.

Communicating with people you can help will lift you from uncertainty and discomfort.

When you proactively call customers and prospects, you are pushing the play button on your life and work.

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