Are You Plan-Driven?

Many salespeople spend their days moving from one incoming inquiry to the next. 

 We are inquiry-driven. 

 Customers call. We answer. Usually, they are unhappy. Either something is wrong or they need something urgently. That’s the only time people pick up the phone, right? If everything is good, they don’t call. They’re busy. 

 So, we move from one inquiry to the other, bouncing from on demand to the next. We are not in the control. The inquiries are. We cannot be strategic about our growth this way. We cannot plan our growth this way. There’s nothing to plan. There are only inquiries. 

 The opposite of this is to be plan-driven. 

 Plan-driven salespeople lay out some proactive communications to infuse into our otherwise reactive day. 

 Who will you follow up with? Plan these calls. Yes, calls. Not emails. 

 Who will you ask for a referral? Write down the names of these people, and the day you will ask. 

 Who will you ask for the business this week? You’ve been talking about working together. Now ask them for the business. Who? When? 

 This is a plan driven salesperson.

 This person has control over his future. 

 She can plan how much money she will make this month, because she knows her ratios. She knows, for example, if she asks five did you know questions, one will close. If she asks 100 did you know questions this week (that’s 20 per day, and they take about 3 seconds each to ask, which means one minute per day, and a whopping five minutes for the entire week), she will close 20 of them. If her average line item in quantity runs $500, he has made $10,000 in new sales this week with these five minutes, and more than half a million on the year. 

 This is a plan-driven salesperson.

 Are you plan driven?

 To inject this kind planning and systematic action into your sales organization, call me directly at 847-459-6322 or simply reply to this message. 


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