I’ve been traveling again to conference speeches, client workshops, and meetings with prospective clients.

In the last week, I’ve had three different flights cancelled.
Two others have been delayed by more than three hours.
Last night at O’Hare a glance at the flight board showed about two-thirds of United Airlines flights were significantly delayed.
The airline system, like nearly all industries, is suffering from a severe staffing shortage.
Logistics and shipping, of course, are also broken.
Publishers are having trouble getting paper to print their books on.
Distilleries are starting to use plastic bottles because there’s not enough glass.
Even Starbucks is posting signs asking customers to consult baristas for backup options if, due to supply constraints, their first choice is not available.
A month ago, most of my conversations referenced Covid in the past tense. It was over.
Today, its impact on our lives and work is dramatic.
Things are unsteady.
Your customers are uncomfortable.
Things which used to be reliable are no longer so.
That’s why we salespeople must be reliable.
That’s why you must be present.
Your customers trust you.
They value you.
They need you.
Be present proactively. Ask how you can help them.
Be reliable.
You will be one of the only ones in their lives to do so.
Be an island of calm and predictably during this stressful time for your customers.

Help them now, and they will remember it forever.

You will develop customers for life.
They’ll stay with you forever.

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