Call Friendlies

Yesterday, I was speaking for a large group of business coaches and advisors in San Diego.

We were talking about making proactive phone calls.

Because the only time your customers hear from suppliers is when something is wrong. When there is a problem. Or when they need to respond to something urgently.

So, my advice to all of my clients is to be present.

Call customers and prospects proactively, when you don’t need anything urgently, to see what they are working on and what you can help with.

One of the audience members raised his hand and said, “But what if they’re avoiding me, and not picking up the phone?”

I replied that I am not suggesting — ever! — that he cold call people he does not know. I’m saying to call friendlies. Call people who know your name, and you know theirs. These tend not to be people who will avoid you. Rather, they will be happy to hear from you, appreciative, and they will express their gratitude for your call.

If it’s better for you and them, on a case by case basis, because you are well familiar with each other, send a text to schedule the call.

Proactive calls to friendlies are one of the main pillars of why my clients add 10-20% in sales growth annually. This works for my clients of all sizes — from tens of millions to hundreds of millions to billions.

Call friendlies proactively. Be present.

Your competition isn’t doing this.

You’ll be the only one they’re hearing from like this. And guess who they’ll call the next time they need something that you provide?

To add 10-20% sales growth to your organization, call me directly at 847-459-6322.

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