Call Prospects, Not Just Customers

Most of us salespeople spend most of our time with current customers.

They call us.

They place orders. (Bless them.)

They also bring us problems and issues and urgencies all day long.

And we must address them. We must resolve them. We must make them happy.

There is no choice. We have to do this work.

But when the torrent of incoming customer requests slows, it’s usually time to go home for the day. Then we come back the next day and do it all over again.

In this reactive environment, most salespeople rarely talk to prospective customers, who are buying elsewhere.

Our prospects generally don’t hear from us.

And they should.

Because they only order for the first time once. Every ensuing order is repeat business. And you’re world-class at serving your customers, so turning a prospect into a customer should mean repeat business for a long long time.

The value of selling to a prospect for the first time is immense. It lasts for years. It feeds your family because it builds upon everything you’re already doing with your customers.

Call prospects. Tell them about the amazing work you do for your customers, and how you’d like to help them like this too.

And they will thank your proactivity and interest in their business.

The latest episode of my new podcast covers this topic in-depth for eight minutes. It lays out which prospects you can call, and how to quickly layout and plan your prospect calls. You can listen to it for free here.


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