Change = The Start + The Repetition

People ask me, “How do I make more phone calls?

Me: “Well, you make it a priority to make some calls every day.”

Other people ask: “How do I start writing?”

Me: “By writing.”

The doing isn’t the thing. We all know what to do. Making a call, or writing a paragraph, isn’t even particularly complicated.

You diet by dieting.

You work out by working out.

We all know what to do. (And I write books about things you all know how to do.)

You know what is challenging?

Two things: Starting those activities, and doing them systematically, over time.

That is, the first action — the one that gets you going for the first time after a long break, or delay, or procrastination — is the most important one.

From there, the most challenging thing is continuing to implement that behavior consistently.

Change = Starting + Repeating

This is where most people struggle. Because we are humans. Because these behaviors are challenging to us, or we wouldn’t be avoiding them.

Making the first call is the most important one — because it gets you into a rhythm. But the second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. calls will be where your results come from.

The first day of eating clean and healthy is the most important one, because that’s the one you’ve been avoiding, and now you’ve started. But the second and third days — and the second and third weeks and months — that’s where the results come from, isn’t it?

The activities we know.

But starting and continuing them is where we struggle.

So let me ask you two questions:

It’s Monday morning — what have you been avoiding that you will take your first action on today?

And exactly what time will you repeat it tomorrow, and the next day, and the next week and month after that?

Want to make real change in your life or work? Start today. Take one action. Repeat tomorrow. Then again.

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