In my revenue growth projects, my clients track the quantity of intentional proactive communications (swings) made by salespeople to customers and prospects against the sales generated (hits) by each salesperson.

After more than 350 projects, and tens of millions of proactive calls, did you know questions, reverse did you know questions, quote follow-ups, and referrals logged, tracked, and analyzed, here is what I’ve learned:

The salespeople who communicate proactively the most also sell the most.

The salespeople who communicate proactively the least also sell the least.

This isn’t rocket science, or even surprising, right?

The more your customers and prospects hear from you, the more they will buy from you.

The more you tell them about your products and services, the more they’ll buy.

The more you follow up, the more they’ll say yes.

This is excruciatingly simple, isn’t it?

Welcome to sales growth.

Communicate more, sell more.

So, who will you communicate with this week?

Who will you call, when nothing is wrong?

What quotes will you follow up on?

Your customers and prospects are out there just waiting to be helped by you.

Call them.

Help them.

And they will thank you with their money.

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