Facts that make it easier to proactively sell to customers and prospects:

You aren’t selling, you’re helping. And customers want your help. In fact, they need your help.

Even if you told them, your customers don’t know what else they can buy from you. So, keep trying until the timing of your offer to scratch matches up with the existence of their itch.

You can’t control if you succeed or fail, but you can control trying. You can’t control if you will get a hit, but you can certainly control taking lots of good swings, with the right mechanics.

If you aren’t hearing no a lot, you’re not asking for the business very much. The most successful salespeople hear no the most.

A rejection is not failure, it is one step closer to the next success. We need the losses in order to get to the wins. In fact, the wins require a bunch of losses to precede them.

The product or service needs to be close to perfect, but the sale does not. Your sales work merely needs to be helpful. You don’t need to call the perfect customer, you simply need to call a customer. You don’t need to offer the perfect additional product or service, you merely need to offer a product or service you think will be helpful.

Our profession is all about not giving up. Perseverance is our superpower in this work.

Take the pressure off yourself: you’re just trying to help people. That’s what we do. We are professional helpers, enthusiastically moving from one rejection to the next.

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