The following is an excerpt from chapter 12 in my new book, the WSJ bestseller Pick Up The Phone & Sell.

The chapter is titled Perseverance Is A Sales Superpower.

By Alex Goldfayn

Have Faith in Yourself & The Process

There is another important component in the perseverance discussion for us salespeople:
Not religious faith, but faith in yourself.
Faith in continuing to do the right things (proactive calling, for example) even when they aren’t working.
Even when you’re not experiencing success.
Knowing you are doing the right things that will eventually bring success will be critical in helping you to continue taking action.
Believe that you are doing the right thing, even if there isn’t success at this moment.
As you read this right now, you know proactive calls to customers and prospects are incredibly effective for growing your sales.
You can think back to specific sales phone calls you’ve had that have opened new opportunities, or progressed them, or closed new sales.
You’ve succeeded with phone calls in ways that email or other communications simply cannot replicate.
You know this now.
Develop your faith in doing the right things from these past successes.
And believe in this truth when you’re making your calls, doing all the right things, and not seeing the kind of success you’d like.
Let your faith in the process get you through.
What is the process?
Proactively calling three to five customers or prospects you know, when nothing is wrong, every day.
Do this, and you will grow.
Perhaps not with every call.
But working this simple system will bring success.

Have faith.

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