Focus on What We Can Control

The customer may not answer the phone, but we must make the calls anyway.

The customer may not buy more products or services when we offer them, but I must offer them anyway.

The customer may not give us referrals, but we must ask for them anyway.

Because the calling and the offering and the asking — we are in control of that. And we must focus on — and do — what we can control.

This is absolutely critical because we know that if do these things enough times, eventually the customer will say yes.

We know, for example, that 20% of did you know questions — where we offer additional products and services — turn into new sales.

Which means that you will succeed one out of every five efforts.  Want 10 new line items? Ask 50 did you know questions. Want 100? Ask 500.

There’s a reason we always hear professional athletes talk about focusing only on those things that they can control. They cannot control if the coach will play them, but they can control their effort and mechanics when they do get on the field.

Similarly, we must focus on what we can control.

Recently, during a results meeting I held with a client’s customer-facing people about 60 days into their project, a salesperson said to his peers that he had experienced a rejection that he was uncomfortable sharing with the group.

I stopped him immediately and explained that the rejection was actually a victory. It brings him closer to the next yes.

Because we must get through the rejections in order to get to the yeses.

In baseball, you go to the Hall of Fame if you fail 70% of the time. Without taking your swings, focusing on the mechanics (which you control), and grinding through the outs, there are no hits.

In sales, without the rejections, there are no yeses.

Grind through the rejections. Focus on your mechanics. Keep swinging the bat.

Swing the bat!

And enjoy the yeses.

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