Years ago, a friend said this to me:

The most successful people follow up a lot.

This is true if you are looking for a job, or buying a home, and it’s especially true if you’re a salesperson looking for wins.

Why is it true?

Because following up communicates that you are interested.

And that you care.

And that you want to help the customer.

And that you are trying to do so.

Also, the competition probably isn’t doing this.

The competition is usually quiet. And afraid. And not thought about by the customer.

When you follow up, you are ensuring the customer thinks about you.

And this usually occurs right before the order comes.

At the beginning of the week, make a list of pre-quote and pre-proposal opportunities you can follow up on, as well as proposal and quote follow-ups you can make. Spend the week making them.

Do this systematically over time, and you’ll find your sales growing significantly.

Following up will make you rich.

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