Four Critical Areas To Focus on To Grow Your Sales Now

Here are four of the most important areas to focus on in order to grow your sales, even during our current difficult environment:

First, above all else, maintain confidence in your amazing ability to help your customers and prospects. This is the foundation on which your sales success will be built. It is the fuel that moves you to the proactive action that sales growth requires. It can be (extremely) challenging to find confidence in our current environment. We must do it anyway. Go back to customer successes. Review testimonials and positive feedback. Fight for confidence. Protect it. It is absolutely requisite for sales success now.

Second, behave as though the customer is much better off with you. Aren’t they? Won’t you serve them better than the competition? Of course, you will. Behave accordingly.

What does this mean?

Third, always be present. Do not go silent on your customers and prospects. Let the competition do this. We will communicate. We will ask about our customers’ well-being. We will tell our customers we are thinking about them because we are. And unless we tell them, they don’t know. Don’t let too much time go by without your customers and prospects hear from you.

Finally, fourth, every day, proactively call a number of your customers and prospects. I’d suggest between one and five calls a day. And I think you should do these calls first thing in the morning because that’s the time to do proactive (and uncomfortable) things. It’s too easy to get distracted by one thing after another and not call anybody at all. Make your calls. Make sure people hear from you, and you’ll make sure they remember you.

Proactive communication and remaining present build business, but confidence and belief in your great value facilitate and enables those behaviors.

Go, help people.

Help more people more.

And watch your sales grow.

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