There’s a lively conversation happening on my LinkedIn post today — a poll — about the role of cold calling in the future.

Many state that there is simply no need to cold call people, with so much information available to us via powerful resources like LinkedIn.

I tend to agree, but I’d say it differently:

Frankly, there are no cold calls anymore.

Even if I don’t know you at all we can talk for 30 minutes about all we have in common:

  • The pandemic, and our last year of working through it
  • Vacation and travel
  • Kids and school, in the classroom or out
  • Where we have been working, home or office
  • Will our companies go back to how it was?
  • What changes will be permanent?
  • Is our customer able to see his or her customers? Are we?

Give me and my customer a beer, and this can become a 90 minute conversation.

That said, I have an even simpler proposition for you:

Why not simply call people you know? Or, at least, people who (1) recognize your name; (2) or your company’s name; or (3) your customers’ names, when you share them.

Any one of those three elements takes the “cold” out of the call.

And I’d suggest you know hundreds of people, and have hundreds more who would recognize your name, or your company, or your customers.

Call them.

They want to hear from you.

They need your help.

And they’ll thank you with their money.

And go check out that LinkedIn post, and make sure you’re following me there. I get into good discussions around new sales growth content on LinkedIn every weekday.