Halftime, 2019

Today is July 1, precisely the middle of 2019. It’s halftime, the perfect time for some reflection and proactive planning. How was your first half?

Think in terms of not only sales results, but because sales results are the final indicator (as opposed to leading), consider also your first half activity levels: proposals and quotes sent and followed up upon; phone calls and meetings versus emails; additional products and services offered; referrals requested.

Zoom out: are you pleased with your energy and focus in the first half?
Now let’s look forward:

What will a tremendous second half look like for you? Consider the end results first, then hone in on the specific behaviors (that you can control) which will get you there:

Who will you call?

What products and services will you offer?

What quotes and proposals will you follow up on?

Focus on what you can control, and implement it daily.

Enjoy this holiday week of reflection and planning, and get yourself ready for a powerful launch to the next six months.

Wishing you a happy and successful second half of 2019.

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