I work for my parents who brought me to America from Ukraine, which is once again absorbing missiles and something called kamikaze drone explosions. Like the millions who are still there, I would also be dodging these right now if my parents didn’t take the immense risks that they did. They deserve for me to do the uncomfortable work that sales growth requires.

I work for my wife, Lisa, who for many years — when we were in our 20s and 30s — believed in my work more than I did. My consulting practice is thriving and successful now — the largest solo practice I know of — but it certainly wasn’t in its formative years. I owe her the hard work that thriving sales require.

I work for my 13-year-old children (twins), who deserve the good things that more money can buy. I owe it to them to give them every possible advantage. They’ll pay me back when I’m very old! 🙂

I work for my clients, who support me, trust me, and welcome me into their organizations. I better implement what I ask them to do. I better be applying what I’m teaching their salespeople. Also, clients want to work with successful, thriving suppliers. They need to know we will be around to support them for years and decades to come.

And I work for all the prospective clients who need help growing. They deserve the systematic, predictable revenue growth that working with me creates, every time. The economy is changing, and companies need help growing their sales. They deserve a phone call from me.

That’s who I work for.

Who do you work for?

Get clear on it, and you will find it will become easier to do the uncomfortable work that sales growth demands — like picking up the phone and making proactive phone calls. Every day, one or two or three at time.

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Written by Alex Goldfayn.