Multiple clients — manufacturers and distributors — have told me their customers are canceling meetings with them.

Some companies have implemented “no travel” policies during this Covid surge.

Some customers are required to work from home, where they cannot meet with you.

These situations will ebb and flow this year, getting less restrictive, I believe, as the year progresses.

This will result in some ups and downs in your selling opportunities. If you rely strictly on being in-person with you customers, I think your sales will roller coaster somewhat in 2022.

The good news is that these peaks and valleys can be smoothed out significantly. In fact, you can move your 2022 sales trendline from dramatic ups and downs to a consistently and predictably rising upward trajectory.

And the best part of this is you are in direct control of making this happen.


With the telephone.

By calling customers and prospects when nothing is wrong. (This is my definition of a proactive phone call.)

By showing your customers that you are interested in helping them.

By asking them what else they need.

By educating them on what else you can help them with.

By following up on quotes and proposals.

By persevering to earn their business.


Amazingly, the vast majority of your competition does not make proactive phone calls.

As soon as you start you will be ahead of your competition.

And your customers will thank you for your care with their money.

And you will bring calm and predictable growth to your company, your customers, and to your own bank account.

I work with sales organizations and help them grow by 15-30% annually, year after year. If you would like to discuss this for your firm, please call me at 847-459-6322, or simply reply to this email.