It’s November 1.

Yes, we are in to the holiday months, but there is still plenty of time to finish the year strong.

There are 20 business days in November, excluding Thanksgiving and the Friday that follows.

In December, there are 16 business days if you count conservatively and stop everything for the year on December 22.

That’s 36 days left to help your customers more, and offer additional products and services.

That’s 36 days to call prospects to ask them for their business. We know prices are going up next year, so why not offer to take advantage of this year’s pricing?

That’s 36 days to follow up on quotes and proposals.

So let’s say you make three phone calls a day to customers and prospects from now until the end of the year (I recommend doing this first thing in the morning, when you have the most energy and focus). Most will be voicemails, making this a five-minute daily exercise. Leave your message, and then send a text immediately about scheduling a call on your calendars.

That’s 108 proactive calls.

Statistics inform us that two out of every three voicemails followed by text messages get returned.

That gets you 72 return communications in the coming weeks.

That’s 72 chances to add significantly to your 2021 sales.

That’s 72 chances to finish the year strong.

An old business coach of mine used to say, “run through the tape!”

Finish strong!

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