Welcome to the most important quarter of the year.

These final three months of the year are the most important of the year — for most of us, they will determine whether our year will be wildly successful, moderately so, or worse.

Included in this quarter are three holiday weeks, leaving about nine weeks, including this one, to make hay.

And so, a question for you: What are your goals for the quarter?

What will you do?

I suggest you target actions that you can control:

  • Calling customers proactively. “Hi Tom, I was thinking about you. How is your family? What are you working on these days that I can help you with?”
  • Letting them know what else you can help them with: “Did you know we can also provide you with x or y?”
  • Asking them what else they need, or buy from your competition. “What else do you need quoted? What do you buy from my competition that I can help you with?”
  • Follow up on quotes and proposals: “Where are you at on that quote, I’d like to help you with it.”
  • Ask customers for the business directly. “When can I expect the P.O.? When would you like to start?”

Put a quantity goal on these efforts, and then swing the bat.

You are in control of when you swing, and how often.

You aren’t counting hits, only swings.

Count efforts. Track them.

They are the leading indicators of your sales health — and a high number of them in Q4 are proven to lead to strong sales results.

The more swings, the more sales.

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