We are returning from a European family vacation as I write this. We visited Paris, London — yes, unfortunately, during the crazy heat — and a small medieval town in the Loire Valley of France called Chinon.

In Chinon, there was an excellent wine shop near our apartment, and all four of us spent our late afternoons and early evenings at one of the outdoor tables there. My wife, Lisa, and I enjoyed the local wines, while the kids drank lemonade, ate gelato, and wandered around the shops nearby.

As frequent visitors over several days, we made friends with the proprietor, who just a few months ago purchased the place from the last owner, who retired after running it for 15 years.

We watched how hard he worked, serving dozens of people a night, usually by himself.

As we talked, he revealed his wishes to buy the building, and perhaps the building next door, and expand his space.

“You’re building an empire,” I said jokingly.

“No,” he said immediately, very seriously.

He looked me in the eyes and said “I just want to be happy and make sure my family is happy.”

The words had weight, and they hung there.

Isn’t that what we all work for?

To be happy and make sure our family is happy?

To provide for them, so that they can have what they need and want, and so that we can live how we want, including, indeed, traveling where and when we’d like?

I know it’s what I work for.

It’s why I pick up the phone to call customers and prospects.

It’s why I never give up and persevere always, even when it’s difficult and uncomfortable.

It’s why we all should be present, interested, and make it clear to our customers and prospects that we would like to help them.

Because they want this from us.

Because they deserve this from us.

Because if we do enough of it, we can be happy and make sure our family is happy.

And our family sure deserves that!

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