In a review for my new book, Pick Up The Phone and Sell, a reviewer named Sean wrote one of the most fascinating ideas I’ve read all year:

“If the phone were invented after email, we would claim it was a technological marvel that would revolutionize sales.”

My business is to help sales teams predictably grow sales with the phone. As you know, I wrote a book about weaponizing the phone for sales growth. But this thought has never occurred to me, and I wish it had, because it’s genius.

If email came before the phone, we would be amazed at the effectiveness of the phone.

They can hear our voice, not just read our words?!

What do you mean there are no spam filters on the phone?!

My customers and prospects get hundreds of emails a day, but almost nobody calls their phone?! That’s pretty much a miracle.

We would consider the phone a miracle selling tool.

Instead of avoiding it because it came first, we would flock to it because it’s so effective.

And we still can.

Because regardless of what came first, the phone will help grow your sales immediately, while email will cost you sales.

Go to the phone.

It’s the miracle selling tool.

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