If you are struggling…

…this newsletter is for you.

If you are struggling in your sales work…

If you are feeling out of sorts…

Or anxious…

Or down…

Understand that you are not alone in this.

Most of us are feeling out of sorts.

Most of us are selling differently than we were earlier this year.

And every year before that.

Many of us are selling from a different location than usual.

And our customers are buying from different locations.

And we can’t see them anymore.

(Anymore, for now.)

If things feel upside down, that’s because they are.

We’re all right there with you. Fellow salespeople, customers, and me.

I have two tips that I hope will help. 

First, understand that this is temporary.

This, too, shall pass.

Everything passes.

This will too.

It might take a year, or maybe more, but the intensity of our current situation will lift.

To operate as though the current situation is an “extended temporary” one.

Second, I know what will make you feel better — fast.

This next tip will not only make you feel better but it will dramatically improve your selling.

It will make you more money.

It will bring security and peace-of-mind.

It will bring confidence and positivity.

In an incredibly difficult time, it will bring optimism. 

What can do all this?

The telephone.

Actually, using it.

Picking up the phone and making some proactive calls to customers and prospects will create all of the positive outcomes above.


Because you will connect with other people who are craving connection.

You will have positive and warm conversations.

You will talk about family, children, the summer, and plans for school in the fall.

You will then pivot to business, and ask “What are you working on these days that I can help you with. Because I’d like to help you.”

You will have positive, warm, deep conversations.

And business will come.

If not on the first call, then eventually. Maybe very soon.

I know it’s hard to pick up the phone if you’re feeling down and out of sorts.

So how do you do it?

By making just one phone call. 

Just make the first one.

Have the first conversation.

Get the first positive experience.

You will feel better.

You will gain confidence.

You will become more motivated.

You will feel motivated to make the next call. 

Communications beget more communications, just as avoidance begets more avoidance.

Positivity leads to more positivity, just as negativity leads to more negativity.

Start with one a call.

Who will you call?


Finish this article and make your call.




Feel better.


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