It Only Takes Five Minutes Per Day To Grow Your Sales Dramatically

People look at me like I’m from another planet when I say this, but it takes five minutes per day to grow your sales dramatically.

Not five minutes total and then put your feet up the rest of the day.

But five minutes of proactive, intentional communication in the midst of your otherwise reactive day.

Five minutes of proactive calls, quote follow-ups, did you know questions and referral requests.

Give me five minutes a day of intentional sales-growth actions — less than 30 minutes per week — and you will dramatically increase your personal sales results.

How dramatically?

Many clients of mine have increased their personal sales 50 to 100 percent in the first year.

What would this mean to your results?

What would it mean for your family in take-home pay?

Is this worth five minutes per day?

Do you have five minutes per day?

Of course, you do.

Want to grow your organization’s sales by intentionally implementing proactive sales behaviors like these? My clients add 10-20% new sales annually. Call me at 847-459-6322 to discuss.

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My clients add 10 to 20% annually to their sales -- every year -- by taking simple action repeatedly and systematically. My clients are manufacturers, distributors and service companies in mature industries like lumber, pipes and valves, chemicals, and steel. If you would like to add 10-20% to your sales quickly and easily, call me directly at 847-459-6322.