Positivity is just as contagious as negativity, but it’s a lot more rare. Like, for every 95 instances of negativity in a person’s day, there are maybe five positive ones. So why not bring customers and prospects positivity and enthusiasm? You’ll probably be the only one doing so.

Phone calls are a lot more effective than email, but they are far more rare. Salespeople avoid phone calls — the most effective selling pathway we have — but we flock to emails.

Hand written notes are also far more effective than email, but they are basically extinct. Hand written notes make you permanently memorable — you probably remember the last one you got, when you got it, who it was from, and what it said…you may even remember the color of the ink and what the handwriting looked like — but emails make you totally forgettable. And yet, we send 100 emails a day, but zero hand-written notes.

People love to give referrals because humans like to be helpful — that’s why your friends compete with each other when you ask for a recommendation to a service provider. And yet, we don’t ask for nearly enough referrals.

Your customers want to buy more from you, because nobody wants to deal with four suppliers when they could just get it from “their person.” But we don’t tell them about other products and services we can offer them very much. So they keep buying the other stuff from others, even though they’d like to buy it from you, and you would like to sell it to them.

Customers love it when we follow up on quotes, but we don’t do it very often because we don’t want to bother them. You know the most common response to a quote follow up? “Thank you for reminding me, I forgot.“

Almost everybody in sales does these things this way.

Which means it’s so easy to stand out from the crowd.

Do you?

Will you?

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