Please join me this Thursday at 11AM Central / 12PM Eastern time for a live 30 minute webinar on how proactive phone calls will feed your sales and business machine.

Proactive calls to prospects & customers turn:

  • Leads into prospects
  • Prospects into opportunities
  • Opportunities into Quotes
  • Quotes into customers
  • Customers into bigger customers

Proactive calls do all that and bring peace-of-mind and security to you, your company, and your family.

And yet…despite generating so much incredible positive impact on your selling work, phone calls are the most avoided sales communications there is.

So, join me on Thursday at 11AM Central / 12PM Eastern for this exciting, interactive, live session on how to dramatically increase your sales by making proactive calls.

It will take place in my new, free, private Facebook Group called Pick Up The Phone & SellIt’s a proactive calling support, motivation and accountability group.

To attend the webinar, simply join the group by clicking here, and show up Thursday at 11AM Central / 12PM Eastern time.