Let The Competition Email

The competition sends emails. Let them. We will use the phone.

In fact, the competition sends LinkedIn spam.

Let them.

We will build relationships.

The competition sells from a distance, so as to avoid risking rejection. They sell to avoid making the customer angry.

Let them.

We sell to help the customer.

We sell by building relationships.

We sell by being present, by caring, by demonstrating interest.

Because that’s all customers really want from us.

They want to know that we will be there for them when they need us. And we prove this to them by being there when they are not paying us yet.

The competition thinks they have succeeded when they’ve sent an email.

Let them.

Because, of course, they have not succeeded. They have done nothing. Sending an email to somebody who doesn’t know you is pretty much the same as doing nothing at all.

Let the competition sell with their cold call emails and LinkedIn requests.

Let them be frightened and lazy.

We will use the phone.

We will be present.

We will care.

And our customers will thank us — not the competition — with their money.

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