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Over the last couple of years, I’ve observed that almost no salespeople keep lists of high-potential customers and prospects to call; quotes and proposals outstanding to follow up on, and products and services to offer.

These are three critically important lists, and I’d estimate that maybe five to ten percent of all salespeople make them.

We need lists of customers and prospects who require outreach from you. I call this a proactive call list. Who needs to hear from us? What sales conversations require our attention? Who are the hot prospects we need to call? But also, who have we not talked to in months and would benefit from a call? You can make this list for the week, in five minutes. Without it, how do you know who to call? The CRM has names and phone numbers but it doesn’t tell us who to call!

Next, we need a list of outstanding quotes and proposals that require following up. Multiple clients have seen close rates go from 20% to 80% (those numbers are correct) when they started keeping a quote tracker. One salesperson started printing up outstanding quotes to take in the car with him and call while he drives. He started closing more than 90% of these quotes. It’s not that hard. People appreciate the follow-up.

Finally, we need what I call the did you know list. If a customer buys this product or service, we should suggest and offer these products and services. Create several lists like this for your top products and services. Take no more than 5 minutes do so.

Nothing detailed here is complicated or expensive. In fact, it is absurdly simple — as the best approaches tend to be.

We spend our days so reactively — the phone rings, a customer has a problem or concern, we work to resolve it, then the phone rings again — that these proactive communications get away from us.

We must know who to call, what opportunities to follow up on, and what additional products and service to offer.

These lists will help you be in front of your customers when the competition is not.

They will help you be present.

They will help you show your customers that you care.

And that’s all they really want.

Make your money lists. And enjoy the near-instant sales growth.

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To apply these concepts systematically, with accountability and recognition, at your organization, call me directly 847-459-6322.

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