My 2019 Hopes & Wishes For You

On this New Year’s Eve, these are my 2019 hopes and wishes for you:

May you understand and believe in your value as much as your customers do. You improve their lives and companies. They know it. In 2019, may you know it.

May you use this understanding as the foundation and fuel for being confident, optimistic, and, always, perseverant.

And then, may you behave accordingly — or boldly. Here what this means:

May you always tell customers about what else you can sell them because they are buying it elsewhere and they would like to buy it from you.

May you always ask your customers for the business, because they want to give it to you.

In 2019, may you ask for this business, and ask for referrals, and ask your customers what else they need from you.

If you do, nobody will ever say to you “No, I don’t want you to make my life easier.”

My clients always say how happy their customers are when they start doing these things that I’m writing about here.

Your customers want you to rescue them from the competition.

Your customers want to buy more from you.

In 2019, may you do the simple and incredibly important work to sell to them more.

Become Bold & Grow Sales Now!

My 2019 Selling Boldly Coaching program starts in just days!

First, I will send you some prep work to fill out and return to me.

Next, you will arrange for my customer testimonial specialist to interview two of your best customers. These calls will yield more than 50 individual testimonials for you. We will record the calls for you, and give you the written testimonials.

Then, you’ll come to the incredibly powerful February 6 all-day workshop with me in Chicago, near O’Hare.

After this day, you will begin taking the simple actions and making the simple communications that will grow your sales significantly and quickly.

We will work with accountability and rigor.

How much time does this work require? Five minutes per day. That’s it.

Give me five minutes per day, and I’ll grow your personal sales by 10 to 30%.

But the first thing you need to do is register. Nothing happens until you make the commitment to make more money this coming year.

Registration and all the details are here.

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My clients add 10 to 20% annually to their sales -- every year -- by taking simple action repeatedly and systematically. My clients are manufacturers, distributors and service companies in mature industries like lumber, pipes and valves, chemicals, and steel. If you would like to add 10-20% to your sales quickly and easily, call me directly at 847-459-6322.