Sure, sales is a tough profession.

Nobody gets rejected more than us.

Nobody experiences failure after expending significant focused effort more than us.

In baseball, you’re one of the best who has ever played if you fail 70% of the time.

In sales, we fail more than that, usually much more.

We also deal with the psychological roller coaster that comes with all that failure: anxiety, procrastination, negative self-talk, etc.

But we’re also pretty lucky, because we know that our failures almost always lead to successes.

Yeses almost always follow a number of no’s.

If we try a lot, we also tend to win a lot.

And we know this to be a fact. In other professions it is not so: effort does not always eventually lead to success. For us, in sales, proactively communicating with customers and prospects, will always lead to success. Follow up. Check in. Offer additional products and services. If someone hasn’t ordered in a while, tell them you’d like to help the again. If someone has a quote, call and tell them you’d like to help.

Be present proactively, consistently and systematically, and you will enjoy all kinds of yeses.

We know thisIt is fact.

But its not like this in other professions.

And so, we are lucky, aren’t we?

We get to struggle.

And then we get to help our customers more.

And then they pay us for it, and we get to take care of our family!

Ain’t life grand?