Just because a customer wants to buy from you, doesn’t mean they are the right customer for you.

So many of my clients’ salespeople get “beaten up” on price and problems every day. That’s when customers call, right? When there is a problem.

But there are different ways to communicate displeasure: with respect, and without it. And as you know, some people are not happy unless they are unhappy.

You don’t need to sell to every customer who wants to buy from you.

I suggest you’d do better by selling to the customers who deserve to buy from you.

You provide immense value to your customers: you do what you say you say you’re going to do; you answer calls after hours and weekends; you’re available personally and rather immediately. You save your customers time and money, and you make them money with your speed and accuracy and excellence.

If you have customers who don’t appreciate this and bring negativity into your life, then send them to the competition. Let the competition deal with them.

In doing so, you’ll open up time and capacity for good customers who you actually want to spend more time with.

The customers you say no to are just as important as the customers you say yes to because it allows you to say yes to more of the right customers.

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