There are 120,000 working minutes a year, assuming eight-hour days and two weeks off annually.

But it takes just five minutes a day — or less — to intentionally and predictably grow your sales.

This is a total of 1,250 minutes a year, or almost exactly 1% of your annual working minutes.

With this one percent, thousands of salespeople who have participated in my sales growth programs and workshops have grown their personal sales by 50% to 250% annually.

It takes far more time to…

  • Watch your favorite football team on the weekend.
  • Manage your fantasy football team
  • Get your daily cup of coffee at your favorite shop.
  • Drink your favorite cup of coffee.
  • Read the news of the day.
  • Drive to work.

Why five minutes?

Because you will likely be leaving voicemails. And if three proactive calls a day is the goal (or one call, or five calls), you can leave those messages in five minutes or less.

What if somebody answers? Then you will have an excellent conversation and use the following days of leaving voicemails to bring your average daily proactive minutes (ADPM?!) down.

If doesn’t take 50% of your time to grow proactive and predictably grow sales.

It doesn’t take 10%.

It takes one.

One percent.

Five minutes.

Do you have five minutes today?

By Alex Goldfayn