Most salespeople are experts at taking orders and servicing the customer.

This makes them more customer service people than salespeople.

They build relationships, solve problems, and take orders by email and incoming phone calls.

You know what they don’t do?

Call proactively.

Suggest additional products and services.

Ask what else the customer is buying with others that they can help them with.

They rarely follow up on quotes.

They don’t want to bother the customer.

Because they think if they come with this additional help and value, the customer will get so angry that they will leave.

This your competition, externally, and also internally among your sales colleagues at your company.

This is 90% or more of all salespeople. It’s amazing when you think about it this way, isn’t it?

It’s why, even now, most manufacturers’ and distributors’ organic sales are flat or growing tepidly, when you remove growth due to inflation price increases.

Let them be silent.

Would you like to instantly vault into the top 5% to 10% of all salespeople?

Start calling customers when nothing is wrong.

Ask what other products and services they need.

Follow up on your quotes and proposals.

And you will find your customers thanking you for thinking about them, for showing up, for caring.

Be present, be interested, and you’ll instantly be one of the best.

If you would like to apply systematic proactive sales growth for 15-30% annual organic sales increases (having nothing to do with inflation), please call me at 847-459-6322 to discuss what an initiative may look like for your organization.