Perseverance is twice as important to success as talent is.

The great psychologist Martin Seligman found this in his research.

It’s why less talented salespeople often out-perform more talented ones.

– They don’t give up.
– They keep trying.
– They call again.
– They ask again.
– They follow up.

They find a different path.

Then they walk down it.

It’s also why we see less naturally gifted athletes out-performing more talented ones.

They are slower and less strong than their colleagues, but year after year, they put up better numbers.

In sales, perseverance is nearly everything.

To us, a “no” never really means no forever. It merely means, not at this moment.

So give people another moment.

Always, always, give them another moment.

Customers deserve that from you.

Don’t give up.

Don’t fall at the first hurdle.

Don’t run away at the first “no”.

Don’t be scared of rejection.

Believe in what you offer.

Believe in how you can help them.

Persevere for your customers.

And they’ll thank you with their money.