For about two years I have been working on selling a revenue growth project to a large, several-hundred-million-dollar distributor.

This fall, after two years of talking, we finally got a meeting together with the president and two sales leaders. It went very well. But due to difficulty in coming up with budget for this deal, they called to tell me no.

Well, they thought they were telling me no.

I told them, “Almost every client says no before they say yes.”

They said the price is high.

I said, “Everyone says that before they sign up too. Nobody has ever told me what nice reasonable prices you have.”

They said, ‘We need cash.’

I said, “Then we need to start this work ASAP, because that’s exactly what it will bring you.”

The president and I had a great “rejection” phone call.

I said, “I know you think you’re tell me no right now, but this just brings us one step closer to the yes.”

We laughed.

I asked what I can do to make this work for him, because I’d like to help him.

Over the coming week, we texted, and we spoke more.

It was always pleasant, always enjoyable, always positive. We were both trying to figure out how to make it work. It was honest and open and genuine. And most of all, it was optimistic.

When two optimistic people with a good relationship try to make a deal work, they will usually come together.

Then, on December 30, while on vacation with his family, he called me on my cell phone and said yes.

I’ve never closed a major deal so late in the year.

Welcome to sales, my friends;

Where no never means no forever — and seldom even means no right now.

Where honestly trying to help customers is so rare that it will often pave the path towards working together.

Where persevering and not giving up will make you rich.

Where the very act of persevering can be so impressive to a prospective customer that it will bring you closer to a sale. (It’s impressive because it’s rare.)

Also, welcome to the start of the new year, when anything seems possible.

May you persevere like crazy this year, and stay consistently and helpfully present with your customers.

It’s incredible work we get to do — helping people in amazing ways and getting paid handsomely for it.

This year, may our righteous work bring you joy, happiness, and great success.

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