There was a strong response to my 2023 Selling Boldly Revenue Growth Program for smaller companies. It’s a 12-week process for you and your customer-facing team launching early in the year, designed to set you up for strong and predictable sales growth in 2023.

Who it’s for:

I built this program for smaller firms, under $15M in annual revenue. I’ve never had an offering for you before, as I tend to do large, year-long six-figure projects with companies that are over $100M in revenue. There has never been a lower cost for an organization to work with me.

What will happen at your organization if you participate:

  • You will have a process and system for predictably selling more.
  • You will have a place to log and track all proactive communications.
  • You will have scorecards and data to see which salespeople did the work, and which ones did not.
  • Your customer-facing staff will become more positive, energized, enthusiastic, optimistic, and bold!

What will happen to your sales:

  • You should see significant additional opportunities, sales progressing towards a close, and new sales closed soon after the remove workshop in Week 6.
  • You will systematize additional products and services being added for current customers.
  • You will close a much higher percentage of your outstanding quotes and proposals, as you will follow up on them more. (Some of my clients have gone from a 25% close rate to a 65-80% close rate.)
  • You will have more sales opportunities opened because this work focuses on constantly communicating with customers about what else you can help them with.
  • You will have more eggs in more baskets. That is, more customers and more prospects.

Much more information, including a complete schedule of the 12 weeks, can be found on my website here.

You can register here.