Procrastinating On What Can Be Done In 10 Minutes

How many times have you avoided something for weeks or months that ended up taking 10 or 15 minutes to do?

Maybe it was calling the prospect.

Maybe it was going to see the customer.

Maybe it was finally — finally — sending that promotional piece.

Stop reading right now and write down that one thing that you’ve been avoiding. Do not read the next sentence until you write that one thing.

Now, today, go and do it.



Get it out of your head, finally.

Free yourself of it.



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My clients add 10 to 20% annually to their sales -- every year -- by taking simple action repeatedly and systematically. My clients are manufacturers, distributors and service companies in mature industries like lumber, pipes and valves, chemicals, and steel. If you would like to add 10-20% to your sales quickly and easily, call me directly at 847-459-6322.