Tomorrow begins the final month of this difficult year.

This leaves three full business weeks to push forth towards our sales goals.

What do you need to accomplish over these last three weeks of 2020 to consider it a successful year?

Which customers do you want to increase your business with?

Identify them now.

Which new customers, who are not buying from you yet, do you want to bring on?

List them here.

What referrals are out there for you to ask for? Or to follow up with?

What about quotes? What’s outstanding? What are you going to follow up on in in the coming days?

Get yourself organized. Layout your plan. Write it down on one page. Plans don’t need to be many pages. One page, quickly organized, is enough.

Name names on your plan for December.

Who will you call?

Who will you target?

What follow-ups will you make?

It is so not time to let your foot off the gas.

In fact, it’s time to push it further.

Floor it.

Go to work.

This is when the most successful among us separate themselves.

There’s plenty of time.

Let’s go help customers and prospects.

Finish strong!

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