I know how valuable I am to my customers.

I help them immensely, and my customers have been with me for years because of this.

I am not lucky that this customer has taken this meeting or call, rather, they are lucky I am calling them.

I could be with anybody today, but I chose them.

Conversely, I am so lucky to be doing this work, and helping people like this.

I save them time.

I make them look good to their customers.

If I ask them, some of my customers will tell me this.

I know I may not succeed in this sales call and close this deal.

In fact, the odds are against me.

But if I get a no, it will not be a failure. Not even close.

It will be a tremendous success because I was present. I was here. And the competition was not.

And if I get a no, I will be closer to the next yes.

Because I know that without many no’s there can be no yeses.

And so, a no will be a terrific success.

And a yes will also be a terrific success.

I can’t lose.

I can only try to help.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

How lucky am I?

I am so grateful for this opportunity.

Now that you’ve read this, go and make that call.

Whether you get a yes or a no, you’ve done what not many do.

You made the call.