I know it’s not easy right now out there right now.

Business and sales changed overnight.

Anxiety and fear rule the day.

Just turn to a news media outlet — they’ll tell you all about it.

Here’s the saving grace…

It’s not easy for everyone:


Our competition.

Our customers.

You’re not going through this alone.

In fact, it’s exactly the opposite:

You’re going through it with everyone in the world.

And because we are all having this intensely challenging and frightening and frustrating and tumultuous experience together…

…No call is a cold call. You have much in common with everyone you can call

…Your customers need you now more than ever.

…Your competition if flailing, searching for ways to move forward. Now is the time to separate yourself from them.

Seek to connect with your customers and prospects. You’ll have deep, meaningful conversations because nobody is really calling them. They’ll be grateful that you thought of them. They’ll reward you with business, if not now, then very soon.

The difficult challenges we are living through present a singular opportunity for we salespeople.

It’s a singular opportunity to communicate.

An opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

An opportunity to be present.

And be helpful.

These times come with a giant sales silver lining.

Let us capitalize on the immense opportunity before us.

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