Showing Up

I was doing a keynote speech for an association event last week. My two-hour session started at 8 A.M., and some people drifted in somewhat late. Understandable, given the early hour. The later it got, the more I gently called attention to the late arrivers, with humor of course. 

 At about 9:20, two-thirds of the way into my speech, a man walked in for the first time. He crossed slowly and deliberately right in front of me, walked right in front of the projector, and took a seat in the center of the front row. 

 Shortly after this, we did an exercise where the group wrote down as many did you know questions as they could in two minutes. 

 Fifty-nine people wrote, but he did not. He was the only one. 

 This made me wonder, why did he come? 

 Why didn’t he care that he interrupted a talk that he walked into 80 minutes late? Why didn’t he care that all of his colleagues saw this behavior? 

We were talking about growing his sales.

 But he wasn’t interested in doing the work.

 To grow sales, we need to do the work.

 We need to make the calls.

 We need to tell customers what else they can buy.

 We need to show up.

 That’s all customers really want.

 They want to know they’re cared for. They want you to be present. 

 Want to take business from the competition? Be more present.

 My good friend’s father says that 99% of success is showing up on time, and sober. 

 Others can’t care about your success more than you do.

 We need to do the work.

The work is not difficult.

But it needs to be done.

Will you do the work that growth requires, so that your family gets to enjoy the money they deserve?

 To implement The Revenue Growth Habit at your firm and help your staff consistently do the work that leads to  10-20% annually for my clients, call me directly at 847-459-6322, or reply to this email. 


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