Six Powerful Reasons To Call Your Customers Proactively

The upside of proactive phone calls to customers and prospects:

  1. It’s simple, but the competition isn’t doing it. Want to stand out from the crowd? Call humans. Be a human. (More on humans below.) 

  2. The customer will be happy to hear from you. We assume she won’t be, we assume we’re going to bother her, but after she gets over the shock that you are calling even though you don’t need anything (which happens maybe once a year to our customers) you will have a very pleasant conversation. 

  3. You will have an opportunity to tell the customer what else you can sell to him.  

  4. The customer will be able to tell you what else he buys from other providers. (This is quite different than #3, above.) 

  5. Your proactive phone call will demonstrate to the customer that you care,and, because your customer is a human, that’s all he or she really wants from suppliers. 

  6. If you call customers regularly, they will send you more business. Why? Because you’re present. You will be top of mind, and the competition will not be. 
There is no downside to calling customers. The customer gets to enjoy more of your tremendous value. And for us, there is only upside. Only revenue. Only growth. 

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