The Six Characteristics of My Presentations


Total Customization.

Before each session, I strive to understand your group’s work, their challenges, and what signifies success for them. From there I craft a unique and valueable presentation.
Book Giveaway

Powerful Tools.

My audiences get at least one of my books for free. For each speech, I also create generous discounts for various learning and development programs available on my site.

Real Examples.

My speeches are filled with real stories, from real clients, and I'll share -- in detail -- how my clients grow by 10-20% per year. I'll tell your audience exactly what to do.

Practical. Right Away.

Every speech focuses on your audience’s specific needs. Every one of my sessions is filled with instantly applicable techniques, tools and approaches.

High Interactivity.

I invite conversation. If somebody in your audience has a question, others are probably thinking it too. So we’ll stop a lot for questions, agreement and even disagreement.


Did I mention we'll have fun, laugh a lot, and everyone will leave the session thankful they were there? Best of all, they'll be inspired and know exactly what their next steps are.

Hear What Others Have To Say

My Talk Topics

While I can cover a variety of marketing, growth, and sales topics, here are some of the most requested talks I've given in the last few years.


My most requested topic is all about driving revenue growth.


Changing how you think will impact how you act.


Customers tell us amazing things when we ask some key questions.

Alex Vertical


It's not rocket science. It's all about accountability & recognition.


Leveraging your lists, happy customers, and the media for sales growth.


Don't be a commodity. Be singular!

These Are The Results I Want For You Too

In my 20 years of hiring speakers, Alex was the best of the 25 or so sales speakers I've had and in the top 5 of all speakers (over 100 surely) I've ever seen.

Jim Tenuto

CEO, Renaissance Executive Forums San Diego

Alex Goldfayn is one of the highest rated and most popular speakers we've ever had. Our members were so excited about Alex's talk, that they continue talking about his session two years later! His techniques are perfect to grow the businesses of manufacturers and distributors!

Jerry Heppes

Executive Director, Door & Hardware Institute

I still have a big burst of gratitude in my heart this morning as I consider how very fortunate I am to have had you come and share with my Forum members and guests yesterday. Several told me yours was the BEST speech we have EVER had, and I would have to agree! I think the single biggest reason is that rather than trying to just pound into people's heads the principles they need to apply, you have found the perfect way of helping the audience come to see the truth for themselves, by putting it into the context of what customers feel and say....pure genius 🙂 My one member has been pretty "cool" to me as a member over the past two years since he joined...never really engaging at a deep level with the group or me. And he was very skeptical about having you call his customer. But yesterday, he was falling all over himself thanking me for offering him this opportunity 🙂 Simply amazing.

Lee Self

CEO, Renaissance Executive Forum Washington D.C.