Spread Optimism

Some people aren’t happy unless they are unhappy.

In sales, these are the customers who complain the most. No matter what you do, they complain.

With others around — and especially in a group setting —  they complain even more. Louder. They are even more cynical. For there is an opportunity to contagion others, and bring them to their side, which is unhappy and unpleasant and lonely. They want to be negativity leaders. They are bold and vocal and often aggressive — using their negativity as bullets to be fired into the crowd around them.

No matter what you do, no matter what excellent results you deliver, they are negative and pessimistic.

Listen to me: Do not allow your enthusiasm and positivity to be affected by these little people.  We must retain our optimism. We must stay grateful and see the good even while these leaders of negativity try to infect us with their pessimism.

For their smallness and negativity, which harms everyone who comes into contact with them, is easy. And it’s lazy. It doesn’t take much work or imagination to highlight what’s wrong with everything.

It’s much harder to find the good. It’s totally uncommon, also. And it’s nearly singular to spread the good, isn’t it? In your customers’ eyes, you would be one of the only ones spreading optimism.

Deliver positivity. Know your value. Fight to hold on to your optimism and wonder. In fact, build it further. And let the competition run around spreading unhappiness.

Let’s see how far that gets them with customers. If the choice is you or them, I’d pick you 100% of the time.

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