Think baseball or softball:

Every sales communication is a swing of the bat.

Every proactive call.

Every did you know question, or reverse did you know question.

Every quote follow up.

Every referral request.

Every pivot to the sale, or every time you ask for the business.

Every proactive communication is a swing of the bat.

The more swings you make, the more hits you get.

What’s a hit? Every positive result:

A line item added to an order.

A new product sold to an existing customer for the first time.

A new opportunity opened, not necessarily closed.

A quote you followed up on that closed.

An opportunity that you progressed to a quote.

A dormant account turned active.

Simply talking to a customer who you haven’t communicated with in six months or more — even this is a hit.

To get hits, we need to swing the bat.

The more we swing, the more we hit.

Ironically, the more we swing, the more we miss as well. And this is why so many people avoid the swings, to reduce the misses.

But that’s a defensive and fearful approach to batting and sales.

Defensive and fearful salespeople are outperformed by proactive and confident salespeople.

We are salespeople.

We must swing.

Misses are part of the game.

But hits require swings.

Swing the bat!

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