Systems For Selling More

If you want to sell more to your current customers, tell them what else they can buy from you. They don’t know. They niche us, and we niche them. They only think about us as suppliers of those products and services that they’ve bought from us for years. Yet, right now, today, they buy products and services from your competition which they could be buying from you. They would prefer to buy these products from you — but they can’t, because they don’t know you can provide them. 

 If you want to bring on more new customers — who will surely become repeat customers before long — spend time talking to prospects. Yes, on the phone. Think about it: how many conversations per day do you have with people whocould be a customer, but are not yet? Probably not many. We don’t talk to prospects, because prospects rarely call. Customers do. And we salespeople tend to only talk to people who call us

 The key with these two actions is to systematize them. Once is not enough. Five times, or a dozen times, is not enough. We must do this repeatedly and systematically. If you talk to 10 customers today, tell each of them about one additional product or service they can buy from you. It takes three seconds. Tomorrow, do it again. Similarly, today, and every day, call one person whocould buy from you, but is not currently. Ask how they are doing. Ask about their family. Ask what they are working on that you can help with. And you will find yourself having a very pleasant conversation. 

 Every day.

 Today and every day.

 To sell more strategically and predictably, the systems are the key!

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