Talking But Not Listening

I am shopping for additional disability insurance, and the local agency I work with here had me talk to their disability insurance specialist.

For the first 10 minutes of the call, this guy talked without interruption.

He would ask me questions and then answer them himself.

He would take guesses about my situation without actually pausing to let me explain my actual situation to him. (If you don’t let the customer speak, the only option is to guess!)

On multiple occasions, I would start to speak, and the sales guy talked right over me, bulldozing his way to still more airtime.

The only thing that saved this guy from me cutting the call short is that I like the agency and its owners, and want to keep my business with them.

You cannot be a successful salesperson if you do all of the talking.

In fact, in a sales conversation, about 25% of the talking is the right amount for us salespeople.

This means the customer should be allowed to think and speak for three-quarters of the conversation. This is the only way you can learn about the customer’s situation and needs.

Ask a question and wait for the customer to answer it.

That’s one of the great keys to sales success: listening.

And it’s impossible to listen if you are the one doing all the talking.

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