The Amazing Telephone

Some days, I can’t believe how much people pay me to teach their staff how to use the phone. But, the fact remains, almost all of us shy away from making phone calls, almost always. 

 Why? Because we don’t want to be rejected (into our ear). We don’t want to impose on the customer. We don’t want to take their time. The ironic thing is, the customer wants to hear from us. They appreciate it. Because nobody calls anybody unless it’s urgent or they need something. 

 Consider the following kinds of phone calls: 

 Call a customer you haven’t talked to in six months or more. This is really powerful, and you’ll find yourself reigniting relationships, and uncovering what else your customers need today. 

 Call a prospect who has never purchased before. This is a group we don’t pay much attention to, because we’re busy servicing our existing customers. 

 Call somebody who used to buy, but stopped. You’re not bothering them. Tell them you miss talking with them, and you want them back.

 Call somebody you know is buying from a competitor. Tell them you both know they’d be better off with you. Then laugh. Be bold and pleasant. People like that.

How should start these calls? With the truth:

“John, I was just thinking about you. How are you? How’s your family? What are you working on these days that I may be able to help with?”

 Nobody is going to get mad at you for that. To contrary, they will be grateful. And, as usually for the systems and habits I that install for my clients, they’ll thank you with their money. 

 To systematically increase the number of revenue-growing phone calls your customer-facing people make, call me directly at 847-459-6322 or simply reply to this email. 


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