We salespeople worry about offending our customers and prospects.

We are fearful about overstepping, over-communicating.

We are timid, because we don’t want to annoy.

So we stay quiet, out of the way, because “if they need me, they will call me.”

But that’s not how to works.

The customer isn’t thinking about your stuff, they’re thinking about their stuff.

They also don’t know what else they can buy from you.

Even if you’ve told them, they don’t know.

So the key is to keep telling them, consistently, over time.

And to do this, we must call them.

And to call them we need the confidence to know that we help our customers in amazing ways.

And to call them we need the optimism to know that our customers need us.

And to call them we need the enthusiasm and positivity that makes it easy and fun to make these calls. We will have great relationship-building conversations! Isn’t that the point of the work? To build relationships and help customers!

Confidence. Optimism. Enthusiasm. Positivity.

These are the four requisite mindsets for fast, easy, and highly enjoyable sales growth.

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