The Fourth Quarter Starts Tomorrow

As September turns into October, summer memories are still fresh even while the end of the year and all that it brings draws closer.

And on this day, it’s impossible to escape the fact that the fourth quarter starts tomorrow.

For many of us, these coming months will determine the sales success of our entire year.

A strong finish can be the difference between an excellent year and a middling one.

And really, when we subtract the holidays, there are only approximately two business months remaining.

And so, here are my simple but year-determining questions for you:

In the coming months, who will you call proactively?

What additional products and services will you offer them?

What prospects who are not yet doing business with you will you reach out to?

What quotes and proposals will you follow up on?

What specific business will you ask for?

It’s the home stretch.

Let’s do the work pair customers deserve and finish strong!

And to help finish your year strong, listen to my new podcast, called Sell More Now.

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