There are two kinds of growth:

The growth that happens to you is a result of incoming orders, great customer service, and effectively delivering products and services your customers ask for. This growth is reactive. You are not in control of it. It happens to you.

Then there is the growth that you create. That is, its growth is built on adding products or services to existing accounts by actively communicating with them; following up on quotes, and being in touch with customers and prospects who typically go long periods of time without hearing from you.

This is proactive growth.

It is created by your behaviors. If we can get your sales team to proactively communicate with customers and prospects, in the process, with some basic tracking, score carding, and recognition, we can systematize your growth.

This is the best kind of growth because it’s totally predictable…because you create it with your behaviors.

This growth is created without hiring new people and without acquiring new companies. It’s significant incremental growth generated by the people you already have. It’s the lowest cost and most profitable growth there.

Which is exactly what we will create for you in the 2023 Selling Boldly Revenue Growth Program.

It’s designed for smaller companies, with under $15M in annual revenue. If you run a group or department within a larger company that’s about this size, reach out to me and we’ll see if we can do some gymnastics to include you.

It’s a 90-day program for your customer-facing team designed specifically to create the kind of proactive, behavior-based growth that is totally predictable.

You will get the tracking mechanism, the score carding, and the internal recognition program.

It’s also the lowest-cost program I’ve ever offered.

We begin preparing your proactive growth playbook in exactly 30 days, on March 6.

On the week of April 10, we teach your customer-facing people the mindsets and behaviors that will generate this predictable growth for you.

The very next day, they start to do the work that grows sales, and you will see very fast success.

Read all the details, including the complete calendar, pricing, and a slew of FAQs here.