The Incredibly High Cost of Fear in Sales

By Alex Goldfayn

Here are the reasons we don’t offer customers additional products and services even though they need them. These are also the reasons we email instead of call; why we don’t ask for the business on every phone call; and why we don’t religiously ask for (and share) testimonials and referrals:

We don’t want to offend the customer.

We don’t want to take their time.

We don’t want to be yelled at.

We don’t want to lose the customer.

Of course, these four reasons are all based on the most damaging four-letter word in sales: fear.

We are afraid of offending the customer, taking their time, being yelled at, and, in the end, losing the customer.

But here’s the most important thing to remember: these fears and discomforts are ours, not the customers.

The customer is not uncomfortable.

The customer wants to buy more from you.

And when our fear keeps us from helping them more, we are hurting them. And ourselves. And our family. And our company.

Instead, do the work that your customers want you to do. Communicate with them more. Tell them what else they can buy from you. Ask for the business. Make phone calls instead of sending emails.

Help your customers.

And they’ll thank you with their money.

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